Solar Park - Warwick, Rhode Island

With solar energy becoming a growth industry, developers are interested in potential sites in communities as well as rural areas. When a project is proposed within a community, it is often helpful to illustrate just how a solar park can integrate harmoniously with the surrounding neighborhood. This is an effective tool for public understanding of the project and will answer many questions as to how the project will buffered and landscaped when construction is complete.

Solar Park – Rhode Island locations

Examples of how effective use of landscape buffers mitigate potential conflicts with adjacent land owners. This type of presentation is effective in public presentations where concern over view sheds may be an issue.

Roundabout Prototype - Rhode Island

Video presentations portraying efficient traffic flow for roundabouts is a powerful tool for public understanding depicting just how they will look and function. All 3D modeling is taken from AutoCAD drawings, ensuring an accurate portrayal of post-construction conditions. Video can be easily integrated into Power Point presentations for transportation public workshops.

Signage - Various locations

Signage plays an important part in providing information and wayfinding for pedestrians and vehicles. The projects below illustrate bicycle, interpretative and vehicular examples.

East Natick Sign

East Natick (Warwick, RI), with strong ties to their past, retained the services of The Gifford Design Group (GDG) to design a graphic package highlighting the area. GDG retained our services to assist in the design effort. This banner sits atop the recently renovated East Natick bridge. Other signage in the package includes canoe launch signage and interpretative signage (yet to be designed) as part of the branding package.